Top 25 Conspiracy Blogs – The 2016 Conspiracy Factist Award

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Truthful information can be hard to come by in this twisted world of deception, and sometimes it can be difficult to discern who the honest ones are and who to seek out for new ideas, facts, or hidden knowledge that may aid you in your quest for truth.

The purpose of what we’re calling the “Conspiracy Factist Award” is to provide a resource whereby truth-seekers can discover new sources of knowledge from people who we feel strive to share factual conspiracy information and genuinely have the best interest of humanity at heart.

Now, of course with all deep conspiracy topics we usually never have all the pieces of the puzzle, so one should always expect some degree of conjecture and hypothesizing from any researcher in this field.

Compiling the Top 25 Conspiracy Blogs has allowed me the chance to not only give recognition and a “Thank you!” to a lot of the people and blogs that I appreciate and like to learn from personally, but also has allowed me to discover many other quality blogs I might have never found otherwise.  And for that I am beyond grateful.

However, I must confess there were so many outstanding conspiracy blogs to choose from that it became extremely difficult to limit the list to a mere 25.

Some of the criteria used for selecting the blogs listed below are:

  1. Seems to be genuinely working to benefit humanity.
  2. Strives to provide mainly factual conspiracy content, and does not appear to be a disinformation agent.
  3. Are anti-Illuminati or anti-New World Order and are working to educate the masses to wake people up about the dire reality of our world.

Be sure to visit all of the blogs listed, and since there are quite a few, bookmark this post for future reference.  And of course, feel free to SHARE on social media for others to discover these great conspiracy resources.

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Without further ado, here they are:

(In no particular order.)

New World Order Crime Scene Investigations

Wayki Wayki

Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole

Flat Earth Hub

Illuminati Watcher


Collective Evolution

Conspiracy Cafe

Corbett Report

Lisa Haven News

Real Independent News & Film

Unveiling The Truth

Power of Prophecy

What On Earth Is Happening

Conspiracy Scope

Atlantean Conspiracy

The Flat Earth Reality

Max Resistance

Underground World News

Conspiracy News

Common Sense Conspiracy

Military Corruption

The Free Thought Project

What Really Happened

The Truth Wins

Once again I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all those listed here for the dedication you have in sharing truth with the world. Humanity really is struggling right now, and we need as many honest people as possible to step up like those listed above have done, to help wake the masses and rally others to join the cause for Truth and Freedom.

Stay safe. Stay vigilant. Keep love in your heart.