NASA Documentaries: Proof That NASA Is A Fraud

NASA is a completely fraudulent organization that gets away with bilking the nations taxpayers out of BILLIONS of dollars that they use to line their pockets with while delivering nothing but CGI garbage and spewing constant bullshit.

For those who aren’t yet convinced of how deeply corrupt NASA really is, the two NASA documentaries below should be enough to convince any NASA fanboy.  There is so much empirical evidence out there proving that NASA is a fraud, anyone who is objectively seeking the truth on the matter will be thoroughly convinced with less than 1 day of research.

But on this page, in around two hours or so you can witness for yourself some of the most incriminating proof available.  The first NASA documentary is called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”, which reveals some leaked NASA footage of the first Apollo moon mission where Buzz Aldrin and the other astroNOTS were clearly forging the infamous Blue Marble photo of Earth.

In the second film, called “Astronauts Gone Wild”, you’ll get to see some revealing footage of how the Apollo astronauts react to being confronted with the footage in the first documentary.

What’s the verdict?

The astroNOTS are clearly liars, and the whole Apollo program was a sham (along with the entire NASA organization itself).

NASA Documentary #1: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

NASA Documentary #2: Astronauts Gone Wild