How The Mind Cures Disease & Creates Reality – Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton is one of the most revolutionary figures of our time.  He’s discovered the fact that our genes are NOT what determines our destiny/health/behavior/etc – but instead it is the ENVIRONMENT our cells are exposed to that instructs our genes to behave a certain way.

And what exactly determines the kind of environment our cells are exposed to?  By the dominant thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we carry in our body.

Every thought, feeling and emotion creates a certain energetic signature that is felt by every cell in our body.  When you’re angry, depressed or stressed, those states of being are creating a toxic environment for the cells in your body, which causes them to react in unfavorable ways.

But the opposite is true when our dominant state of being is of joy, peace, and positivity.  It literally creates an environment in our body where our cells and genes can thrive and produce the favorable results we desire.

This is a radically profound fact that can have a transformative impact in your life once it is understood, plus it’s all backed up by SCIENCE!

In this video, Bruce Lipton beautifully explains all the details of this profound discovery and how you can use it to create positive change and even literal miracles in your life.

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