The fact is – you and I have been lied to.

Virtually everything we’ve all been taught has now been proven to be a complete lie.  No, not just some things.  Everything. From your teachers to our preachers, doctors and even family members – everything you’ve been taught about the world is false, either partially or completely.

We started Truth Rising in order to help spread these truths to the world, and to help free humanity from its chains of ignorance so that together we can stand against this wicked tyranny.

Here’s just a few of the paradigm-shifting topics we’ll explore…

Did the moon landings really happen?  Nope, they were all elaborate staged hoaxes.

Are astronauts really on the I.S.S. (International Space Station) walking around in space?  NO. All space agencies have been caught clearly hoaxing their space walks. Humans are not in space, have never been in space, and the ISS is proven to be a complete lie.

Is the Earth really a spinning sphere flying around the sun?  Nope, the Earth is actually a flat stationary plane with an impenetrable dome firmament above.

Is our sun really 93 million miles away?  No, it is actually MUCH closer (more like 3,000 miles), and is the same size as our moon.

9/11, Sandy Hook massacre, Boston bombing, London bombings (and many more) – all proven to be false-flag events carried out by the governments themselves.

Keep an open mind as we peel back the curtain on the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated upon humanity.

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